Implementation of Equal Justice on all residents of the society, having a fair trail within the judiciary system of the country, application of laws , supporting the rights of suspects and accusers, defending the suspects and accusers against the allegation made against them, clearance of hidden facts or fact to which is not paying attention to them in a criminal (read more)

Free Legal Rep

Since 1/1/2006 until 13/11/2013, DQG organization has taken 20270 cases during the eight years activities in 17 provinces of Afghanistan. from mentioned cases,

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Legal Mobile Clinics

As the legal awarness, with reciprocal and multi side converations, has extraorderinary effect on public legal awareness, equility of women and men’s rights,

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Legal Empoerment

Da Qanoon Ghushtonky during the last four years has provided 31 workshops and trainings in total for 70 days for Judges, Prosecutors, Police, Defense Lawyers,

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Increasing Legal Knowledge of Community and Lawyers through Legal Awareness Materials: By know the fact that most of the people of Afghanistan are illiterate

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Observing and respect to the principles and Islamic values with attention to religious beliefs and 2nd and 3rd articles of Afghanistan Constitution.

Following the Constitution, obeying other Laws of the country according to the guidance of 56th article of Constitution. (Read more)


To ensure assistance for a Fair Trail and enhancing a better Legal Judiciary System of the Country.

Providing comments and suggestions for the reforming of Laws to relevant agencies (read more),