Free legal representation in criminal and family cases

Since 1/1/2006 until 13/11/2013, DQG organization has taken 20270 cases during the eight years activities in 17 provinces of Afghanistan. from mentioned cases, there are (17280) criminal case, from that cases (11629) cases are released in different steps of the court, (4221) cases are convicted and (1430) cases are in progress. The remaining cases from total cases are 2990 family cases, from which Readmore

Legal Empowerment

Da Qanoon Ghushtonky during the last 8 years has provided 17 workshops and trainings in total for 74 days for Judges, Prosecutors, Police, Defense Lawyers, Law and Sharia Law Students, Paralegals from Ministry of Women’s Affairs and its departments in the provinces, Provincial Legal Departments, Prisons’ Wardens, Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and its department in the provinces (Read more)

Legal Mobile Clinics:

As the legal awarness, with reciprocal and multi side converations, has extraorderinary effect on public legal awareness, equility of women and men's righs, reduciton of violation and the respect to each other in a family. Since there area many differences between the cities and villagers in Afghanistan, and even the women and men who live in cities don't know about their related rights, the prese (Read more)


Increasing Legal Knowledge of Community and Lawyers through Legal Awareness Materials: By know the fact that most of the people of Afghanistan are illiterate or they didn’t completed their education, more this they are not aware of their Fundamental Sharia and Legal Rights, and the importance of increasing the legal knowledge of community people, young lawyers for a development legal system, Da (Read More)