Organizing Conferences:

The Main members of Judiciary System of Afghanistan are Police, Prosecutors, Judges and Defense Lawyers. These organs’ ever-increasing cooperation and co working causes the justice development in all areas of the country and to all members of Afghan society. Opinions, questions, answers, problems are the reason and ways of solving problems that could be discussed in conferences. Da Qanoon Ghushtonky with the understanding of the high value of the conferences had started to arrange these conferences in some provinces in order to bring the attention of Legal and Justice System of the country in order to pass a step of success of this system.

Da Qanoon Ghushtonky, during the last six years has conducted three conferences on Coordination of defense lawyers with other judiciary organizations in the provinces of Heart and Nangrahar. Judges, Prosecutors, Police, Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Representatives from Ministry of Justice, and other legal aid organizations’ representatives participated in these conferences and they were from 7 provinces of Heart, Ghur, Fara, Badghis, Nangrahar, Laghman and Kunar. In total ( ) participants participated in the conference and the Head of Courts and Attorney General Offices had speeches and during their speech, they have appreciated the work of Da Qanoon Ghushtonky and they were willing for the continuation of the activities.

Participation in international conferences:

 With the attention to the necessity of professional knowledge elevation, establishment  and protection of communication with other countries’ legal organizations, drawing United Nation’s attention to the procurements of Afghan Defense Lawyers, Afghans necessity for free legal representations and legal aid, establishment of Afghan Legal Bar Association with attention to other counties skills, and finally the recognition, relation, get benefits from other counties defense lawyers’ experience and skills, Da Qanoon Ghushtonky has participated in some related conferences  and has had active role.

The most important conferences to be mentioned were Rome Justice Conference (panel on Access to Justice, Legal Aid and Human Rights) in Italy and International Criminal Court (ICC) in India.

Cooperation and Coordination with other Organizations:

Realizing the necessity and the need to the cooperation and coordination with other governmental and non governmental organizations, DQG has started to coordinate its  activities with mentioned organizations and by creating productive cooperation, DQG not only found the proper and better result of its activities but by the cooperation of other organs DQG caused the working balance, focal legal protection, collecting and joining the ideas for the benefit of Human Rights and Women’s Rights, unique opinions in order to eliminate violation, battle against corruption and bribery, defending the rights of accusers and prisoners, attempting in order to improve the quantity and quality of defense lawyers work and the realization of fair trails and solving women’s, children’s and men’s problems about their rights who need legal aid and etc.

To regulate the cooperation, we have established a Legal Aid Committee by the participation of (DQG, Afghanistan Lawyers Union, ILFA, Human Rights Organization, Medica Mondiale, Global Rights, GSSP, International Bar Association and Checki) and this committee meets regularly to solve problems.

Beside the regular cooperation and coordination meeting, there are irregular cooperation and coordination meeting between DQG and other governmental and non governmental organizations such as (Ministry of Justice, Courts, Prosecutors offices, Police departments, National security, Ministry of Women, Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Education, UN offices such as UNAMA, UNIFEM, IDLO, Voice of Women, Afghanistan Women Society and etc) which is evaluated to be effective. One of the goals of DQG is the continuation and expanding its cooperation and coordination with other organizations.