Field of Activities

Da Qanoon Ghushtonky’s main activities:

1-      Free legal representation in women, children and men’s criminal cases.

2-      Providing free legal representation in family cases.

3-      Providing free legal advices for those who need it.

4-      Legal empowerment trough workshops and conferences.

5-      Legal capacity building through the legal awareness materials such as posters, booklets, brochures and books.

6-      Increasing the legal knowledge of accusers, suspected and prisoners under the detention.

7-      Increasing the legal knowledge of community through the discussions and theaters.

8-      Coordination with other related organizations and attending in their meetings.

9-      Establishing and holding meetings of legal aid providers committee.

10-  Tries for the establishment of the National Bar Association.

11-  Coordination in order to draft the advocate law.

12-  Research on valid laws of the country and other international treaties and publishing the information through the publication materials.

13-   Tries to eliminate the violation and discriminations against women