Free Legal Representation

The current number of defense lawyers of DQG who are working in different provinces, are taking on criminal cases such as (robbery, murder, smuggling, highway robbery, dissimulation, kidnapping, crimes against internal security, assault and battery, bribery, embezzlement, adultery, drinking alcohol, etc) after signing the contract with the accusers and suspected (women, children and men) and providing legal aid in these cases in all three levels of the court until finalization of the case.

Defense lawyers are going to female and male detention centers, plice custodies and Juvenile centers and also cases are referred by different government and none government organizations such as Independent Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Court, Prosecutors, Shelters and etc or their relatives’ own contact via calling DQG’s related phone numbers which are published in the legal awareness materials distributed by DQG.

After information received about the case the lawyer will be signing contact with client and  until the finalization of the case the defense lawyers are defending their client and working on the case in different steps such as active presence during police investigation, presence during investigation, presence during inspection, presence during experts’ examinations, presence during house search, reading the document, presence in court’s sessions, appealing to appeal court and presence in appeal court’s sessions, appeal to the supreme court and etc.