Goals & Principles


  • To ensure support and implementation of The Constitution and other adopted laws in the country, particularly The Article 31st of The Constitution.
  • To ensure assistance for a Fair Trail and enhancing a better Legal Judiciary System of the Country.
  • Providing Free Legal Representation in both Criminal and Legal cases.
  • Providing Free Legal Advises.
  • Increasing the public awareness and empowering the member of the Judiciary System through out the publications of Posters, booklets, pamphlets, workshops, trainings and Conferences.
  • Support for the establishment of a National Bar Association.
  • To ensure cooperation, coordination and holding meetings with other organizations and civil society to find the solution for the current challenges and adopting decision for betterment and enhancing joint goals.
  • Supporting the Constitution to avoid the discriminations and to ensure equity between men and women (Article 22 of the Constitution).
  • Increasing the number and knowledge of Defense Lawyers through trainings and supporting Defense Lawyers.
  • Implementing the Human Rights Declaration, International conventions during the work of Defense Lawyers as well as in Judiciary System of Country.
  • Providing comments and suggestions for the reforming of Laws to relevant agencies.

Principles and Standards:

Observing and respect to the principles and Islamic values with attention to religious beliefs and 2nd and 3rd articles of Afghanistan Constitution.

2-      Following the Constitution, obeying other Laws of the country according to the guidance of 56th article of Constitution.

3-      Observing the international treaties which Afghanistan is signatory to them according to the principles of 7th article of Constitution.

4-      Defending the rights of the clients and rejecting the claim against him/her during all procedures of following the case according to 31st article of Constitution and 10th article of Advocate law.

5-      Protecting the secrets of client according to 31st article of constitution and 13th article of Advocate law.

6-      Protecting the independence of activities related to defense lawyers with attention to the principle of defense attorneys independence in legal and judiciary system in order to protect the advantages of defense lawyers.

7-      Using the facilities and abilities as possible for free legal representations.

8-      Struggling to eliminate discriminations and violation against women according to 22nd article of Constitution.