Operation Areas/Number of lawyers

Operation Areas and Number of Defense Lawyers of Da Qanoon Ghushtonky

Da Qanoon Ghushtonky by recruiting 32 defense lawyers (now 19 lawyers due to lack of fund, 14.1.2014), is working in 16 provinces of Afghanistan and it has five office in Kabul, Heart, Kandahar, Nangrahar and Maidan Wardak and these 32 defense lawyers are working in these five office and regularly they are travelling to the neighbouring provinces of these five provinces to take up and follow up on criminal and family cases and provide free legal representation.

Da Qanoon Ghushtonky’s main activities:

  1. Lawsuit and access to justice.
  2. Free legal representation in women, children and men’s criminal cases.
  3. Providing free legal representation in family cases.
  4. Providing free legal advices for those who need it.
  5. Legal empowerment trough workshops and conferences.
  6. Legal capacity building through the legal awareness materials such as posters, booklets, brochures and books.
  7. Increasing the legal knowledge of accusers, suspected and prisoners under the detention.
  8. Increasing the legal knowledge of community through the discussions and theaters.
  9. Coordination with other related organizations and attending in their meetings.
  10. Establishing and holding meetings of legal aid providers committee.
  11. Support and cooperate with Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA).
  12. Effort to execute and improve the advocate law. Research on valid laws of the country and other international treaties and publishing the information through the publication materials.
  13. Tries to eliminate the violation and discriminations against women.
  14. Effort to establish Legal Resource Center.