Representing Free

As women are the most injured and deprived citizens of the country, with attention to the fact that due to the reasons of illiteracy or lack of literates, women have no information about their rights, with attention to the fact that women have no financial ability to pay a defense lawyer whom they choose to follow their case, DQG is providing free defensives in female family cases to the needy group of women of afghan’s society.

After reading the legal awareness materials of DQG and finding the contact numbers written in these materials, women who need free legal representation are being informed of that services and they refer and discuss their problems with the defense lawyers of DQG and some family cases are being referred via letters from Ministry of Women Affairs or its related legal departments, legal department within the Ministry of justice and courts. Besides cases are referred by nongovernmental organizations which work for women in Kabul and other provinces. Also, the defense lawyers are going to legal departments and courts to take these cases.

There are different kinds of family cases such as (dissolution of engagement, separation because of Harm, separation because of fault, separation because of absence, separation because of not paying the alimony, deposal, child’s custody, marriage portion (Maher), ask for alimony etc).

At first the defense lawyers try to solve the case through mediation and conversations with the assistance of legal departments and courts. But if case is not solved through mediation then the defense lawyer will follow the case through the court and that is the best solution for solving the case.

Family cases are usually starts with a Sharia Contract with client, then documents and evidences for clients’ benefits are collected and finally preparing the claim letter and submitting it to related court and participating in court sessions until the case is finalized. But the defense lawyers are contacting their clients regularly and if there is any problem, they are trying to solve it.