Specialties and Distinctions

Having professional and experienced defense lawyers with the knowledge of License degree, higher than license degree and the PHD from law and Sharia Law faculties.

2-      Getting the defensive licenses by the defense lawyers of Da Qanoon Ghushtonky.

3-      Having the certificate of Registration form Ministry of Economy.

4-      Working in 16 provinces.

5-      Having the ability and the capacity to defensive for clients with best quality and quantity.

6-      Providing legal aid, free legal advices, and legal capacity building and increasing public legal awareness.

7-      Ability to get benefit form Islamic guidance, laws of the country and international treaties in defending the client.

8-      The capacity to create good, effective and learning relations with other related organizations.

9-      Having the ability to defend critical and complicated cases.

10-  Having a training system of leading and a management and monitoring system.

11-      Having an enriched Library with legal books.